17 October 2010

A Continuation of the Last Post...

Feeling ambivalent towards this color study.

And oops, drew some more birds. Was trying to actually broaden my visual vocabulary, but just ended up drawing the same exact things again.

10 October 2010

Glass : TS Eliot Quote

For an assignment based off a TS Eliot quote.
While I don't have the exact quote on me, after some online searching, this about sums up the theme to the assignment:
Birth, and copulation, and death.
That's all the facts when you come to brass tacks.

glass tracing

Many of the other students took this literally, and illustrated scenes of sex, death, etc etc.
I decided to take a more philosophical position on the quote, believing that Eliot spoke not of these acts (life, sex, and death) as important, individual ideas in his meaning, but as the overall cycle of the human condition.

In the end, what inspired me (like always, it seems) was religious imagery of prophets transcending the human condition into the plane beyond just birth, sex, and death. Specifically where the images of Jacob's ladder, Mohammad flying to heaven, and the shamanic idea of out of body experiences when you cross this plane.

In total we had to do six images, but this glass was both the only 3D structure I painted on in the series and the only image that illustrated this theme strongly.

I am thinking of digging out the sketches and redoing this idea as a 2D image, possibly in acrylics instead of gouache. It will we a fun exercise, if anything.

the original sketch

06 March 2010

Art in Motion

My illustration as animation, and more.

05 February 2010

New Blog

Guten tag, ya'll!

Letting you know that Julia and I stared a new blog, where we'll be posting personal pieces weekly!

I'll update this blog when I finish more school assignments, which are finally finished with sketch stage and moving into final stage.

03 January 2010

First Sketches of the Year

Spending two weeks of a three week vacation doing nothing didn't seem to be that good of an idea... However, I think it was a nice respite, and after spending all my day painting a final yesterday, I got back into the flow and whipped out some sketches today.

People! I like were all these sketches are going, especially the one on green paper and in blue ink... Thinking of taking that idea to final. Click on thumbnails to see images on my flickr account.

Happy new year everyone! :)

02 January 2010


Before I post the first art of the new year, I figured a look at how far I've come would be appropriate.

In a week, I will be starting my last semester of undergraduate Illustration, and then entering the world of professionalism. But this journey had to start somewhere!

Took the opportunity to take some photos of my old art while i am at my parent's for the holidays. The portfolio they keep my art in was shoved in a dark corner and covered in dust and vacant spider webs, no lol.

2001/2002?(age 13/14)
Continuous Line Portrait
Color Pencil Horse

2005-2006 (age 17-18)
Moose Still Life
Self Portrait in Green I
Self Portrait in Green II
Cubism, Pointillism, Realism, Expressionism
Geisha Still Life
Acrylic Face
Pear Still Life
Sword Still Life
Senorita in Pink

You can see the art I was producing in high school is on a different spectrum than what I am doing now. The artists I was mostly exposed to at the time were either realistic, or expressive. For example, that moose still life is directly inspired by Max Beckmann.

Since high school, I've been very diligent about economizing my lines, getting slicker and more elegant (if possible... I keep hoping so). Basically, a total 180 from where I started from!

Please ignore all the coca-cola endorsement going on in these photos, thanks! :)

extra i spy game: there is a blue paper clip stuck to one of the paintings!