02 January 2010


Before I post the first art of the new year, I figured a look at how far I've come would be appropriate.

In a week, I will be starting my last semester of undergraduate Illustration, and then entering the world of professionalism. But this journey had to start somewhere!

Took the opportunity to take some photos of my old art while i am at my parent's for the holidays. The portfolio they keep my art in was shoved in a dark corner and covered in dust and vacant spider webs, no lol.

2001/2002?(age 13/14)
Continuous Line Portrait
Color Pencil Horse

2005-2006 (age 17-18)
Moose Still Life
Self Portrait in Green I
Self Portrait in Green II
Cubism, Pointillism, Realism, Expressionism
Geisha Still Life
Acrylic Face
Pear Still Life
Sword Still Life
Senorita in Pink

You can see the art I was producing in high school is on a different spectrum than what I am doing now. The artists I was mostly exposed to at the time were either realistic, or expressive. For example, that moose still life is directly inspired by Max Beckmann.

Since high school, I've been very diligent about economizing my lines, getting slicker and more elegant (if possible... I keep hoping so). Basically, a total 180 from where I started from!

Please ignore all the coca-cola endorsement going on in these photos, thanks! :)

extra i spy game: there is a blue paper clip stuck to one of the paintings!


Anonymous said...


I have two awards for you on
my blog, and I posted them
on 01/01/10, so I hope you will
stop by and take them...

Julia said...

i think especially compared to your older stuff, the progress you have made in the past 2 years have really been mind boggling. SO PROUD OF YOU ;D;b