27 September 2009

How Sarah Spent her Weekend

This is Geraldine, she's a doll. She's cute, but not too cuddly.

She's crocheted from acrylic yarn, her hair is rooted yarn too. It's very long, and braided into two messy pig tails that like to stick out straight.

She has polyester filling in her head and tummy, but her limbs are empty, and floppy.

To stop her from being a rag doll, she has a spine hidden in the middle of all that polyester. It's the "arm" of a plastic clothes hanger brought home after shopping. It's hooked in place, and helps her sit up straight!

Her eyes are two vintage buttons, her mouth a fabric patch. And at the moment, she is sporting a stitch-marking earring.

Her arms are very long, and her hands really big. She has no shoes on her feet, but she will! And at the moment, Geraldine doesn't know if she wants eyebrows or not.

It took about twenty hours to create Geraldine. She isn't completely complete, but she's content. And perhaps next weekend, she will gain some friends. :)


Julia said...

awesome i love it

Anonymous said...

yay! :3 so its not that much a waste of my time, haha

Johanna Contreras said...

her dress is so so so cute <3