24 September 2009

School Work: Character Sketches

First assignment for Children's Book Illustration
this year was to sketch 10 pages of character/landscape/object studies
for the poem Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Eugene Field.

Although its a very basic assignment, it ended up being quite a challenge for me. Just like last year, I was not dedicated enough to the characters. In the end, I didn't do a very thorough character design. The environments, and trying to put the story together, was of more interest to me.

Reading the poem, its obvious it is about sleep. Trying to wrap in sleep with reality, a dream world with a real world, is what I focused on trying to tackle.

Looking back, a page should have been dedicated to showing the three fisherman as their dream gnome selfs, and as their selfs as real boys in pajamas with sleeping caps. Ah, retrospect.

Sorry for the low quality images, just wanted to get this up, and with it being cloudy or not having time in the mornings, the lighting isn't the best for photos.

Anyways, here are some details:

*click thumbnails to see full size images*

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Julia said...

so adorable ;D;b

they remind me of that Norwegian girl's stuff from last year