11 April 2012

How to Steal the Sun, 001

I suppose in the rest of the North American hemisphere, citizens are enjoying the beginning of spring. April showers for May flowers and all of that nonsense.

But here in Cleveland we're still enjoying the lovely bone-chilling wetness and cold of snow. Yay.

So I don't feel this sketch is out of place.

I'll be taking a leaf from Johanna's book and start painting once a day. (You can see her daily art adventures here, at her tumblr.)

To start out, I have a plethora of character designs drawn out for a story I was planning on telling. It takes place in a small society in a northern arctic world where it is always gray, bleak, and cold (much like Cleveland) and involves a young tween's attempt to steal the sun to find some warmth.

First introduction: the WIDOW.
When he was still alive, her husband collected EXOTIC goods from other countries. In reality, he was a hoarder of what less arctic-rural persons would call 'the norm'. Now that he is deceased, the WIDOW continues to nest in her house of oddities.

The WIDOW is the only person who will listen to our heroine, and sells her the following exotic goods to help with the seemingly impossible quest:


But no one knows if she actually believes in our heroine or is just a good businesswoman.

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